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Welcome to Dietetic Wellness Inc-Your One-Stop Destination to Health and Nutrition Well-being!

I know what you are thinking...yet another health and nutrition website promising miracles. This is one is actually different because I do not promise short-term, unsustainable results, but rather offer small tips and solutions that you can integrate into your daily life with big payoffs. Unlike some, I do have the credentials and degrees in the fields of public health and nutrition/dietetics to back me up...I am talking the talk AND walking the walk.

The goal of the website is to not only help you and your loved ones successfully manage diet-related diseases, but to also share knowledge with you on how to prevent diseases such as diarrhea, constipation, and basic infections. As such, the website is divided into a variety of categories, listed below.

  1. Services Offered-The website has multiple services offered depending on the health problem you are suffering from. Click on the service and you will be taken to a booking page and can book an appointment online.

  2. Blog Posts-The blogs are offered as a means of educating those who do not have a specific issue, but wish to learn more about nutrition and preventative health. Once a week, a blog post about a specific topic pertaining to nutrition and health will be posted for you to learn and apply.

  3. Membership-Certain blog posts will be blocked for members of the website. Clients can choose to subscribe to three levels of membership-Bronze, Silver, and Gold to learn more about wellness. Depending on the membership level you subscribe to, you will have access to online classes and presentations on a variety of health and nutrition topics, healthy recipes, sound scientific knowledge and advice on nutrition and workout advice.

  4. Social Media Access-As part of the ongoing nutrition education, there will be monthly free videos wherein the dietitian will answer your questions on Instagram and Facebook Live.

I look forward to interacting with you all! #welcome #DWI #beinghealthydoesntmeanbeingmiserable #nutrition #publichealth

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